Activate: A Guide to Pricing...
e-Commerce Sites

1) Activate's Actinic Catalogue Software
            Per Site Licence                                              | P.O.A.

2) Activate's Actinic Catalogue housed on an Activate server
            Per Catalogue Housed                                    | P.O.A.
(The associated Web site is hosted Free of charge)
3)   Domain Name Registration
            with aliased email                                            | P.O.A.
(Domain Names already registered are transferred to our site Free of Charge)  

4)  Bespoke catalogues
            designed and implimented by our experienced
            e-commerce specialists                                    |  £ By Quotation
...Streamline Your Business Processes.
-  -  -  A I M    f o r    E f f e c t i v e    B u s i n e s s    P a r t n e r s h i p  -  -  -